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In Seville Datacenter we are concerned about your business and that is the reason why all the effors we make in our datacenter are always aimed to keep a full conectivity, being fast and trustworthy.

For it, we have a multi-operator transport network with with fiber optic redundancy. The fibers which arrive at our datacente in Seville do so through by multiple independent physical paths, manholes of the telephone operator, high-voltage line, AVE route, etc.

Fast and trustworthy conectivity, without breaks

It is necessary to show that with the fast and reliable connectivity that we offer to our clients, we are guaranteeing the stability of Internet access all the time. And it is that the infrastructure that gives us the support allows us that in the event of a power cut does not affect all our fibers. We have several connection networks precisely for this.

The operators directly connected in the data center are Telefónica, Aire Networks, Endesa (Lyntia), Orange y Adamo. We will add more operators to this list soon. Moreover, we have the possibility of connection and transport to the CPD at Equinix Sevilla, Mesena Madrid and Interxion Madrid.

Telefónica and Aire Networks connections are 10 Gbps upgradeable. Aire Networks it is redundanted in 2 separate ways, which allows us to have peaks of 20Gbps in correct conditions. Endesa's fibers are two dark fibers by separate routes, allowing us through DWDM technology to obtain up to 64 independent channels.

You can check the operators who are present in our section in PeeringDB.

Your datacenter in Seville

We differ from other operators in that we can tell you at all times what is happening and why. Our entire infrastructure system is owned by Sevilla Datacenter, which gives us greater flexibility resolving any incident that may have to be faced. Nothing of cloud and hosted servers in another countries, in situ, you can come to meet with us and know our installations based on the latest technologies.

Discover all we could do for your enterprise

Those who trust Sevilla Datacenter have in common to highlight the quality of the support they receive, as well as the versatility of the service and his scalability. It's easy, we just listen to the client and present our 100% action plan adapted to what they need. Without more.

Find out without obligation about our fast and reliable connectivity activity. We will be nice to attend and resolve any question that could appears in this way.

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