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We have a multi-operator transport network with fiber optic redundancy. The fibers reach the building through several independent physical ways, telephony operators boxes, high tension power lines, AVE railway to guarantee the stability of Internet access. This allows us that in case of a disconnection it does not affect all our fibers.

Operators connected directly to the building are: Telefónica, Aire Networks, Endesa (Lyntia), Orange and Adamo, which will be joined shortly by others. We have the possibility of connection and transport to the datacenter in Equinix Sevilla, Mesena Madrid and Interxion Madrid.

Telefónica and Aire Networks connections are 10 Gbps upgradeable. Aire Networks it is redundanted in 2 separate ways, which allows us to have peaks of 20Gbps in correct conditions. Endesa's fibers are two dark fibers by separate routes, allowing us through DWDM technology to obtain up to 64 independent channels.

You can check the operators who are present in our section in PeeringDB.

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